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What are your centre hours?

Our centre is open from 1.30-7pm on school days and 7.30am-7pm on school holidays on weekdays.


What if I am running late to pick up my child?

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements. You may order delivery dinner for your child. 


What happens if my child can't finish his homework?

Our caring teacher will coach him either individually or as a small group during quiet playtime hours. We prioritize completion of homework, followed by spelling/tingxie preparation then in-centre assessments/enrichment programmes. 

Will your teacher fetch my child from school?

Our teachers will fetch students from Geylang Methodist Primary School which is less than 10minutes away from our centre by foot. For students of other schools (Kong Hwa/Canossa Catholic/St Margaret's or others within a reasonable distance), parents can inquire about our fetching service.

Will parents enjoy MSF subsidies through the Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA) scheme at Educatio? 

We are currently not registered with MSF but we adhere closely to their guidelines for student care centres.

How is your centre different from school-based student care?

- Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) and life skills-focused curriculum will prepare your child with knowledge and skills which are essential in the 21st century as well as help in your child's development of values, character and social-emotional well-being.

- One stop solution for parents: Educatio provides a one-stop solution for students to maximize in-centre hours being engaged in in-centre as well as  optional enrichment activities. Parents will save time as they will not need to bring their children to different centres during the weekend for these enrichment programs.

- Low student to teacher ratio:  Educatio's student to teacher ratio will be capped at 15:1 to ensure our teachers get to know your child really well and our students will get help with homework and be prepared for spelling / tingxie.  School-based student care centres have ratios up to 25:1 and teachers typically provide supervision to complete homework but don't help with the homework.

How is your centre different from other premium student care centres?

Our curriculum is the key differentiating factor as we integrate STEAM activities into our in-house program while parents at other premium centres may need to pay to add on STEAM-related enrichment classes during or outside centre hours. For example, makerspace lessons are weekly/bi-weekly as shown in our centre timetable and these classes expose your child to designing, building as well as some aspects of robotics. We also offer optional enrichment activities during centre hours as a one-stop offering to parents who want to spend more time with their children during the weekend. 

What is a makerspace?

It is a place where students can explore, create or improve things using tools and components. This area facilitates sharing, hands-on learning and collaboration on group projects.



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